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Hunters Point
Queensmark Awards

Caitlin Cahill

Row Houses
21-49, 51, 53 45th Road

These three townhouses, built in the late 1870s to 1880s, are situated around the corner fom the Landmark Historic District and are in every respect equal in calibre.

The first of the trio is a classic example of Romanesque Revival Style. It exhibits some remarkable features like the half round upper window with its stone arch, the wide projecting limestone bow window at the middle floor, the stained glass lights over the main floor windows, and the rough stone bottom story. Of special note here is the original house number--167--inlaid in the glass light over the main door.

Its adjacent neighbors, almost plain by comparison, also exude that stately urban elegance unique to these house types and their time period.*

108th Police Precinct

Designed and built in the same year as the firehouse, 1903, by important architect Thomas Short, of Harde and Short, this precinct house also projects an aura of civic dignity. With is tall plano nobile, handsomely framed windows, and deep overhanging cornice, it resembles a transplanted Italian Palazzo. It also has the most amazing pair of entry lamps this side of Gotham City.*

Officer Vincent Martinelli

108th Police Precinct
5-47 50th Avenue

Gilda Incentalupo

Row Houses
10-33, 35, 37 51st Avenue

Row Houses St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church

Rev. Raymond Schmidt

St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church
10-08 49th Avenue

* Descriptions by Diego Feraru

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