Jackson Heights

From Ice Age to space Age

A History For Children
With Illustrations by the Children of Jackson Heights

© Rudolph E. Greco, Jr.
for permission to reproduce any part of this book
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Cover Picture
from a picture by Kristina McGuigan, Grade 8, St. Joan of Arc School

About The Book

In 1988 the Jackson Heights Beautification Group was formed to revitalize the community. As the people of Jackson Heights took responsibility for their own destiny, they planted gardens, cleaned graffiti, adopted parks, and organized cleanups, parades, and concerts. The Landmarks Preservation Commission of New York City recognized the special architecture in Jackson Heights by designating the area an historic landmark district in 1994. The result is a community reborn. Today Jackson Heights is probably the most diverse neighborhood in the most diverse city and country in the world, where people of every race, religion, and ethnic origin live and work together amid remarkable beauty and history.

This book was conceived to reach children at an early age with the message of community and pride of neighborhood. Working with children seems the best way to begin to refurbish the foundation and quality of American community life. Perhaps this hook will inspire others to feel the same, no matter where they live.

The book was conceived by Rudolph E. Greco, Jr., written by Rudolph E. Greco, Jr. And Claudia Solomon, researched by Carson Schneidermann, and designed by Sara Reynolds. It was published by the Jackson Heights Beautification Group.

Chateau3 "Architecture is both an art and a science. To build a structure, you must know how to make a plan. You have to decide how the building is to be used. You must pick a spot to build on and decide where the front will be. You have to know how wide and how tall it will be. You have to choose the material from which it will be made. Should you use wood or stone or glass or steel or plastic? Maybe you should use concrete? Perhaps you should use all of these things in different places? A building must be strong enough to last for many years in all kinds of weather."
Picture by How-Yi Cua, Grade 8, I.S. 145 From Jackson Heights: From Ice Age to Space Age
"The buildings in Jackson Heights are not boring. Each block is different. Big apartment houses are mixed with smaller private houses. Nearly every building here is beautiful. There are lots of special windows, doors, roofs and decorations like flowers, animals, statues and designs. The architects of Jackson Heights used many different styles, from places like Italy, England, France and Spain. Although most of our buildings use brick, they still don't look alike. Our brick is of many colors, such as red, brown, gray or yellow. Some bricks are smooth and some are rough. Some of the brickwork is plain and some is fancy with special designs or patterns. If you look carefully, you will notice all these things." Door
From Jackson Heights: From Ice Age to Space Age Picture by Garth Henry, Grade 7, I.S. 145
Tower "Our beautiful buildings of every different size, shape and color are filled with beautiful people of every different size, shape and color. This makes Jackson Heights a very special place: a landmark."
Picture by Fanny Chuqui (Grade 8, I.S. 145) From Jackson Heights: From Ice Age to Space Age

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