Homes and Apartments of
Historic Jackson Heights

The Greystones

Historic Jackson Heights was designed in the early 1900s as a suburb in the city. Today, it still offers gracious living, but with a city flair.

Historic Jackson Heights housing reminds some people of the big, airy apartments of the Upper West Side, only in smaller-scale buildings.

Classic Jackson Heights apartment buildings, typically five- and six- story buildings, contain front gardens and block-long interior gardens. These provide for more light, air and green space than is found in other apartment buildings. The buildings are loaded with architectural details: towers, columns, pediments, cornices, dormers, and mansard roofs.

The apartment buildings that went up in the 1910s and ‘20s formed a pioneering community of cooperative homes . Rental apartment buildings went up in later years.

Historic Jackson Heights housing reminds others of Forest Hills or other Garden City developments built in the early decades of the 1900s.

The English Garden Style Homes - concentrated in the lower 70s and mid- to upper- 80s of Jackson Heights - are richly detailed and spacious homes with front and rear garden as well as garages. These homes create smaller-scale neighborhoods and offer the space and privacy typically sought in private homes.

Homestead Heath
English Garden Homes Elm Court
Homestead Heath The Towers
English Garden Homes English Garden Homes

Photos by Len Maniace

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